We Must Arise and Act

June 20th - special preview for Salon 4700      [tickets required]

June 21st, 2016, Public opening 6–9pm. Performance begins at 7pm. Open by appointment and designated hours through August.

"We Must Arise and Act!" is the Residential's first group show, taking place during Art Week Des Moines, and featuring new work by Heidi Wiren-Bartlett, Rachel Merill, and Rachel Buse.

The full and onerous title of the show, "La lumiere de l'aurore est devant nous! Nous devons, nous lever et agir!" is sourced from a quote by Mao Zedong, and translates to "The light of dawn is before us! We must arise and act!" These are stirring words from one of the world's most quotable leaders. His little red book assures us of that fact. 

It comes, however, by way of the second section of Charles Olson's famous poem, "The Kingfishers," which you can and should read at the link.

The exhibit asks essential questions about the events in residential spaces, and how they are altered, enhanced, or cast in a pale light when art is present. One of the Residential's core concerns is the experience of living with art, and each of the artists involved have created work that can be understood as a cohabitant. Notions of family, connections to and isolation from significant others, and the identity of objects in domestic spaces are present. 

Many of the works are positively feverish with effort, but the title is not well distinguished. "We must arise and act" occupies a spectrum from political indignation and activism to the plodding obligations that face each of us every morning.

Artist's stipends and support for this exhibit have been provided in part through generous donations to Chicken Tractor by David Safris of Visionary Services, Dr. Darren Jirsa, Virginia Traxler, and Jim and Melinda Kabel.